This is me. And my children.


I’m just your average single mom with two kids who works, lives a lavish lifestyle, has no wrinkles and no grey hair, goes on trips and attends prominent parties because you know, I’m so important and all. *eye roll*

About 5 year back, I had a fairly successful blog with reviews and rants and fun but the site was taken down due to family issues and I never started it back up again.

Here I am again, using this blog as an outlet to talk about whatever I want; if people want to listen to me, great! I’m a spiritual person but I also keep it real. I’m not a saint, I’d say I’m quite the bad ass but I like to give back and do what I can to make people happy.

Now to the most important question: Why is this site called Cakes & Bubs? These are the names I call my children. Many of us have names we call our children, whether it be short form or something completely different – this is what I call my kids. They are the loves of my live and they inspire me every day to do whatever it is that is in my heart….and this, right now, if what I feel like doing.