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David’s Tea: Glass Bottle & $1 Iced Tea Promotion

I’ll admit, I am not a big fan of David’s Tea. Not because they don’t have great tea, because they do, but I am not prepared to pay the price for the tea. Simple.

I’ve also recently gotten into couponing and the first bunch of “coupons” I had received were from David’s Tea. One side stated that you could get $1.00 Iced Tea of the Day refills until July 31, 2017 if you purchase one of their glass bottles ($25.00) and the other end of the coupon it said you could get a Free Tea (didn’t mention it was only for a tea of the day).

$1 Iced Tea
Not the actual coupon image

Since I live in an apartment, many of the residents had just thrown out their coupons so of course, I grab them all up! It’s like 20 free teas!! So the next day a friend and I from work decided to head over to take advantage of this free tea and of course, I was a sucker and decided to purchase this $25.00 bottle.

The bottle itself is designed to handle bangs better than a regular glass bottle would, which is probably why it’s a bit costly but it also has a leak proof stopper and a stainless steel bottom which you can screw off in order to put your ice in it. Amazing! Another interesting addition is that you also get a colourful mesh sleeve to keep the bottle in so your hands don’t get cold from holding the bottle and of course to protect it from bangs. Great idea!

Note: Not dishwasher safe and not made for hot beverages.



I decide to grab an Ice Tea of the Day in my new bottle and head back to the office. I open the bottle up and take a drink, then close it, then open and take another drink and leave to go home. As I am on the street car and after the fourth time of doing this, the pink stopper in the middle of the lid, that leak proof stopper, had pulled off from the lid and had gotten stuck in the glass bottle. Of course I was able to pull it out but from then on, the pink stopped would constantly pull off the top and get stuck. I wish I had taken a picture but I only took a Snap (@clointoronto) of it to show my friends.


Another not-so-great thing about this bottle is that it doesn’t hold much. After you put the ice in it, it seems like you’d have what would be equivalent to a small Starbucks coffee filled with ice, in the bottle. I may be being a bit dramatic about that….so let’s say a medium. On the bright side, it does cost less than a medium coffee.

A great thing about this is that days later when I went back into work, David’s Tea gave me no issues about returning it. Their policy is that you can return only if the product is unused but apparently this happens sometimes with these bottles so that may be why they are a bit more lenient on returns. I was just going to replace it with something different but really….I’ll probably set it beside all my other coffee mugs at my desk a week after buying it.

In the end, although I may have made this out to be a pretty crappy Iced Tea bottle, it’s actual a good bottle; the design and the bottle itself are actually great! , I just got one of the not-so-good ones.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 10.31.33 PM

To purchase one (in Canada), please go to the David’s Tea link here or head to your local David’s Tea. FYI – Queen of Tarts is great both hot and cold!

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